Choosing VDW TECHNiCS is a choice for quality and customer orientation! We strive for perfection and our approach is always skillfully and deliberate. Moreover, there is a single point of contact for all your questions and interventions, and everything happens in close consultation with yourself.

geometrical control





VDW TECHNiCS provides the repair that your machine needs!
Size deviations? Crash? VDW TECHNiCS diagnoses and adjusts!
VDW TECHNiCS keeps your machines in shape!
Machine moving or second hand? VDW TECHNiCS installs!
  • All repairs
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Hydraulic
    • Pneumatic
  • Machine verification and alignment after crash
  • Perform Double Ball Bar (DBB) measurements:
    • Very quick test: production loss is reduced to a minimum.
    • Testing your machine on 13 factors: backlash, squareness, positioning, straightness, several servo parameters, ...
    • Preventing unplanned machine failures.
    • Reducing scrap and re-machining work pieces.
    • Checking the state of your machine after a crash and the possibility to compare the result with previous measurements.
    • DBB measurement can be used on all machines, lathes or machining centers, regardless of the CNC control.
    • ISO standard for CNC machining requires a DBB test (ISO 9001).
    • Checking your machine´s "footprint": is your machine moving through the years?
    • Periodic DBB measurement provides a detailed image of the machine stability.
    • Less likely to make mistakes compared to an engineer using squares, lineal and comparators.
    • watch video
  • 3th party machine check for newly installed machines
  • Draw up detailed maintenance plan tailored to your machine (s)
  • Perform periodic maintenance:
    • Avoidance of large machine failures.
    • A planned machine stop is better than an unplanned stoppage!
  • Give maintenance training
  • Installation of all types of machines (after move, 2nd hand, ...)
  • Give operator training